Keller CPAs invites you to a FREE “QuickBooks Essentials” class!

This class will help you discover several areas in QuickBooks that may lead to overpayment of taxes, increased audit risk, and general QuickBooks frustrations.  This class is designed to eliminate QuickBooks headaches for the business owner and the bookkeeper.  Both are cordially invited to attend. This class is normally $79. If you are ready for… Read More »

More 2011 Tax Law Changes

 Here are some additional items of interest…  Standard mileage rates for 2011 are as follows:  business $.51 per mile, medical and moving $.19 per mile, charitable $.14 per mile.    You should see an increase to your 2011 paychecks. For the year 2011 the social security tax withheld from your paycheck will decrease from 6.2%… Read More »

Interesting IRS Facts

  ·         The IRS will never contact you via e-mail.  If the IRS contacts you by email you can be assured it is a “phishing” scam where unscrupulous people try to gather personal information by posing as the IRS.  If you receive an e-mail that appears to be from the IRS, do not answer it. … Read More »