Financial Preparedness

This is what financial preparedness will feel like:

  • A preparedness plan rather than an awkward, pushy, and uncomfortable sales pitch
  • A continually revised plan that meets your most important goals not ours
  • One on one help in implementing every step of the plan
  • A plan that measures actual results and holds advisor accountable

We offer these solutions to ensure your goals are met:

What are your goals?

The most important part of the plan is understanding what is most important to you, why it is important, and when you want to achieve it. By asking the right questions we help you uncover the answers to these questions.

What keeps you from your goals?

Before a plan can begin, roadblocks to your goals must be discovered and understood. By asking you questions and bringing our expertise, these roadblocks will be discovered, understood and finally addressed or removed.

Your Financial Preparedness Plan

We will help you create a step by step plan with one end purpose – achieve your goals. This plan can include things like restructuring debt, tax planning, updating legal documents, changing your investments, adjusting your home and property insurance, creating trusts, evaluation of life and health insurance, emergency cash reserves, contributions to college savings accounts, going back to school, and contributions to a charity. The one thing that will remain constant is the plan purpose: Achieve Your Goals!

Updating Goals, Measuring Results

Because your goals and situation will change your plan needs to be continually reviewed and adjusted. At the same time we will continually compare actual results with what was supposed to happen and help make the necessary adjustments to ensure your goals are being achieved.