Tax Services

This is what your tax experience will feel like:

  • Deadlines met rather than excuses given
  • 24-hour response time to your emails and phone calls
  • Being presented multiple tax return scenarios so that it meets your desired outcome
  • Proactive strategies brought to you that will reduce your audit exposure and taxes owed


We offer these stress reduction solutions:

Individual Tax Returns

Whether we like it or not, today’s tax laws are so complicated that filing a relatively simply return can be confusing. It is easy to overlook deductions and credits to which you are entitled. Even if you use a computer software program, there’s no substitute for being able to get personalized answers to your unique situation.

Business Tax Returns

Whether it is preparing your year-end books, knowing what to bring to the accountant, wondering if you will be audited, concerned about how much you owe in taxes, or frustrated because your accountant will not call you back. One thing is certain: Business taxes can be overwhelming. Keller CPAs provide relief in all of these issues and takes the overwhelming out of Business taxes.

Tax Planning and Consulting

Whether you are an individual, partnership, LLC, S-Corporation or C-Corporation two things are always certain:

  1. There are always ways to reduce what you owe in taxes.
  2. There are always ways to reduce your risk of being audited.

You need an accountant who cares and who knows how to use tax laws in your favor.

IRS & State Tax Problems

One of the biggest headaches you have to face as a taxpayer is dealing with the IRS. Whether your problem is a letter, audit, back taxes, or payroll taxes, one thing is certain, the problem will not go away on its own. You need someone who both cares about you and has the technical expertise to walk by your side every step of the way until the problem is resolved.


Let us show you what a tax experience should actually feel like!